When you invested in your pool, you knew it was a long-term investment in both money and time. At home, it’s an oasis, a place to beat the heat and relax. At your business, it’s both an accessory for the enjoyment of your clients as well as an important design element.

To have your pool cleaned just right, contact the professionals at Summer Time Pools. With more than ten years of industry experience, our team of certified pool operators will:

  • Vacuum and brush your pool
  • Thoroughly clean the tiles
  • Balance the chemicals
  • Remove and clean all the baskets
  • Clean the filter when necessary
  • Maintain the proper operation of all the equipment
  • Inform you of any issues and the best ways to fix them

We’re certified by the Southern Nevada Health District to maintain proper chemical levels and operate equipment in a safe manner. In addition to cleaning, we can handle maintenance and repairs. If your heater isn’t working in winter or the filter works erratically in summer, we’ll arrive quickly, handle the issue efficiently, and do it at pricing that’s competitive.

For more information or to schedule service, contact us online or by phone today.