Here in Southern Nevada, you know it can get really, really hot. That’s why you invested in your pool at home; so that you would always have a place to cool off and relax with family and friends. You want your pool to look its best and function well, but to make that happen, you need to have it cleaned and serviced regularly.

The trick is working with a company that can keep your pool looking good and that has the technical knowledge to handle the problems that will inevitably occur. Summer Time Pools is proud to be Southern Nevada’s choice for residential pool cleaning. When you contact us and schedule an appointment, we make it a point to arrive promptly and on time. Our team is certified by the Southern Nevada Health District to maintain proper chemical levels and operate equipment in a safe manner. You can trust us to correctly perform cleaning services and leave you with pool water that’s shimmering clean and safe.

More than ten years of industry experience means we have the ability to clean pools of all shapes and sizes. If we encounter any problems, we can likely handle it at the same visit and we do it all at a price that’s fair. For more information or to book an appointment, contact us online or by phone today.